Estate Guidance

Buy | Sell Policies

Based on the number of shareholders in a company, each shareholder agrees to buy the deceased shareholder’s stock. This allows the business to continue without having to borrow large sums of money to buy the outstanding shares.

Stock Redemption

Will work along the same lines as a Buy-Sell but the corporation will be buying the stock.

Disability Buy-Sell

Disability buy-out is designed to provide the funds needed to purchase a disabled owner or partner's interest in the business if they become disabled. Disability buy-out insurance should be made part of any business continuation or business succession as it will assure that the disabled business owner receives a fair market value for his or her interest in the business. At the same time, it will protect all business owners from the threat that a disability may impose on the company by allowing them to buy-out the disabled owner's interest at an agreed upon price set forth in a buy sell agreement.

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